Frequently Asked Questions







Who is entitled to lodge a claim?

What is the time period in which to submit a claim?

Does the claimant (victim) have the right to know how much was paid to the attorney and to verify whether the fee that the attorney took is genuinely what was due to them?



What documents must I retain or obtain subsequent to a road accident?

What steps must I take subsequent to an accident?

I have just been involved in a road accident, what do I need to do?

What recourse exists if a dispute arises regarding the assessment of the seriousness of an injury?


Legal Questions

Do my injuries and/or losses qualify me to claim?

What kind of damages can I claim for?

Who will I actually be claiming from?

How long will it be before I get results?

What is the procedure for claiming?



Regarding emergency medical treatment, the RAF’s liability is determined according to a prescribed tariff applicable at the time.


Note that the RAF will not be liable for treatment that was excessive, experimental or unproven.

What if my medical aid has already covered some or all of the costs?

What happens if I was also negligent on the day my accident happened?

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